Fresh Eggs, produce, trees, wood, and small yard repair and clean up!

  • 15 Jun 2012 12:00 PM
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    Charlee's Angels

    Charlee is the youngest and only girl. 

    Watching over her are her three older brothers aka Angels. 

    My children are trying to raise money for Activities, Diabetes camp, and general

    family fund.  Thanks for your support.



    Trees and Plants (based on availability)

    15 foot trees $75 ($100 planted)

    8' Blue Spruce Trees (order quantities of 3 or more)

    15' 15' Trees........................$75.00

    8' Blue 



    Bundled split wood..........$4.00


    Small yard care and Sprinkler repair

    Have the Angels (with help from mom and/or dad) come and fix your small sprinkler problems, weed in your yard, mow your lawn, or dig some holes.  Available to plant, weed, fix, trim, mow, and just about anything else you might need around your yard.

    SERVICES include, but not limited to...


    Trimming (still learning)

    Weeding (really good when they focus!) hee hee

    Aerate lawns (they use a 4-wheeler to pull the aerator)

    Small Sprinkler repair (Brian will help with these)

    Tilling (tractor) (pretty good with supervision... aka Daddy)

    Holes (small with tractor) (really good)

    Tree trimming (mama helps)


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